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CSR 8670 Bluetooth Dual-mode Module for Data and Audio Transmission
19.812mm x 15.24mm


CSR BC8670 chip is embedded in this module. It supports Bluetooth V3.0 and BLE Bluetooth 4.0/4.1/4.2 double mode. Also,it can be widely applied in Bluetooth audio and data transmission. What’s more, software parameter is allowed to be customized, in order to meet your special needs in various occasions, such as high quality headphone, stereo, medical device and industrial class robot.

Specification Bluetooth Classical V3.0 and BLE4.0/4.1/4.2
Size 19.812mm x 15.24mm x 1.93mm
RF output power Class 2 (-6~+4dBm)
Operating frequency ISM Frequency 2.400~2.483GHz
Spectrum extension FHSS
Antenna no antenna
Sensitivity <-88dBm at <" 0.1% BER
Support services Bluetooth Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
Bluetooth Audio/Video Remote Control Profile
Bluetooth Hands free Profile
Bluetooth Headset Profile
Bluetooth Serial Port Profile
Bluetooth BLE Serial Port Profile
Communication interface Standard five-wire serial port mode(RxD, TxD, RTS, CTS, GND),PCM interface
Energy-saving Automatic power saving mode, support low-power operating mode / high-speed operating mode
Security Security certification, data encryption
Baud rate 1.2K~1382.4Kbps, if needed, it may be up to 3Mbps.
LED indicator Power indicator, connection status, operating mode

  1. Bluetooth® v4.0 specification fully qualified software
  2. Radio includes integrated balun
  3. 80MHz RISC MCU and 80MIPS Kalimba DSP
  4. 16Mb internal flash memory (64 bit wide, 45ns); optional support for 64Mb of external SPI flash
  5. Code with 1 channels and 1 digital microphone support
  6. Support for CSR latest CVC technology for narrow-band and wide-band voice connections including wind noise reduction
  7. Audio interfaces: I²S, PCM and SPDIF
  8. Serial interfaces: UART, USB 2.0 full-speed, I²C
  9. Integrated dual switch mode regulators, linear regulators and battery charger
  10. Surface mount.


Home Entertainment Ecosystem TVs

Smart remote controllers

Wired or wireless soundbars

Wired or wireless speakers and headphones

Tablets / PCs / Mobile Connectivity

Wearable audio (on-the-go)

Wearable audio with sensors (health and wellbeing applications)

Wired or wireless stereo headphones for music/gaming/multimedia content

Wired or wireless speakers

Wired or wireless speakerphones

Mono headsets for voice