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Bluetooth Beacon Gateway or Manager Compatible with iBeacon
Or 4.17in*4.17*1.81in

  • Searching range: 50m in open air
  • Read beacon battery power/Set beacon working hours
  • Remotely update beacon software
  • Scan 200pcs broadcasting in 8s

Technical specification
  • Linux system
  • 10M
  • Scan 200pcs broadcasting in 8s
  • Connect 1 jinoubeacon.
  • jinoubeacon can change beacon parameter.
  • Support point to multi-point wireless connection
  • Automatically distributes IP address
  • Support Bluetooth data encryption
  • 400MIPS High-performance processor
  • Average power consumption is 120mA@12V

Bluetooth specification
  • luetooth V4.0 standard
  • Class 2 Bluetooth modules
  • External antenna
  • Frequency range: 2.402G ~ 2.480GHz
  • Achieved Bluetooth protocols: LC, LM, L2CAP, GATT, SDP, RFCOMM
  • Achieved internet protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, ARP, DHCP, PPP, etc.
  • Authentication: support Bluetooth safety certification

Application range
  • Device data collecti
  • Staff monitor in school, workshop, etc.
  • Smart home, building automation
  • Logistics
  • Medical
  • Exercise and fitness
  • IOT